Leave your macbook unattended, worry free

Leave your macbook unattended, worry free

Your power cord is your lock!

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How does it work?



  1. Download the app
  2. Launch the app to add it to your menu bar
  3. Use the "Add or Modify Phone" option to set up your alerts
  4. To activate the phone notifications, you'll need to buy a subscription (for $2.99)
  5. Lock your Mac (using Laplock menu or the usual mac shortcut)
  6. Unplug the power cord from your MacBook and listen to the alarm go off
  7. Look at your phone: you just received an SMS notifying you about your laptop being stolen!
  8. Worry no more about leaving your MacBook unattended

Telephone Notifications

  • To receive a SMS notification us the "Register Phone" option to add your phone number
  • To enable this feature, you need to buy a subscription. Indeed sending an SMS does cost us money so we decided to charge money to ensure the sustainability of this project.


  • The computer needs an internet connection to trigger the SMS notification
  • Your phone needs a cellphone connection to receive the SMS notification
  • If your laptop is stolen, we're very sorry, but we're not responsible. We didn't steal it!